Keep heavy snowfall from limbs and trees, gently shake.
Avoid shoveling snow onto trees and shrubs to prevent prolonged snow cover and to prevent breakage...
Living Christmas trees are special, however leave in home no longer than one week for optimum results
You may prune damaged branches all winter long: We have an assortment of pruners, clippers and equipment
Water as needed throughout winter season
Rake and pick up fallen leaves and debris to prevent suffocation 
Store fertilizers and pesticides out of reach
Winterize power equipment or schedule with our service depart.
Remove old stems and growth from perennials.
Wash plants occasionally to remove any dust/debris that develop
Watch for hot and cold drafts to avoid leaf damage
Till soil and incorporate organic matter in
Take a soil test and make adjustments
Continue to plant spring flowering bulbs, water and mulch
Protect strawberries from winter elements; use mulch
Pick up all fallen fruit, to reduce disease and insect problems
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