• Stop by it's perfect time to Seed Bluegrass and/or tall fescue
  • Verticut and overseed for best results
  • Fertilize!! (High Nitrogen for cool season grasses)
  • Core aerate during cooler season...
  • Assortment of rakes for fall leaves...and other utensils to make picking up a breeze!
  • Leaf blowers, bags and pop up holders...
  • Shears for all your needs
  • Harvest winter squash when the rind cannot be punctured with fingernail
  • Plant lettuce, spinach and radishes
  • Plant garlic cloves for next year's crop
  • Spades and tillers always available
  • RESEARCH shows  stocking up on the right energy, makes Spring green up!! The last applications of fertilizer for cool season bluegrass and tall fescue should be fed
  • High Nitrogen 30-0-3 or 30-0-0 or 27-3-3 read labels; watch for phosphorus and potassium counts.

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