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Drain and store garden hoses/sprinklers.
We have everything you'll need to: Clean, Sharpen and oil garden tools-
Keep plants away from hot & cold drafts
Start long night treatments for poinsettia reblooming
Check for insects and treat as needed
Soil test as desired
Harvest apples, pears and store for winter
Dig sweet potatoes and cure in a warm area for a couple weeks then store
Store or Discard unused seeds
Fall planted garlic gets a head start over Spring planters
Plant new trees and shrubs
Water during dry spells
Wrap the base of young trees
Remove dead limbs and Rake leaves
Divide overgrown perennials
Sharpen mower blades-every 10 hours of use
Easy to control in the fall as needed; dandelions, henbit and chickweed
Spades and tillers always available