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Stop by it's perfect time to Seed Bluegrass and/or tall fescue
Verticut and overseed for best results
Fertilize!! (High Nitrogen for cool season grasses)
Core aerate during cooler season...
Assortment of rakes for fall leaves...and other utensils to make picking up a breeze!
Leaf blowers, bags and pop up holders...
Shears for all your needs
Harvest winter squash when the rind cannot be punctured with fingernail
Plant lettuce, spinach and radishes
Plant garlic cloves for next year's crop
Spades and tillers always available


Stocking up on the right ENERGY, makes next Spring season green-er!!

The LAST applications of fertilizer for cool season bluegrass and tall fescue should be fed
High Nitrogen 30-0-3 or 30-0-0 or 27-3-3

Simply Check Labels; watch for phosphorus and potassium counts.