Keep a Journal for permanent reference
Deadhead spent flower blossoms
Begin grub treatments with preventatives
Water as needed, about 1 inch per week if no rainfall
Plant annuals for color and summer veggies
Keep garden evenly watered, 1 inch per week 
Pinch herbs to keep bushy
Renovate strawberry beds
Check for insects and bagworms 
Check for spider mite s(using a white sheet of paper and shake branch over it)
Control squash bugs that multiply rapidly...
Maintain mulch layer of 2-3 inch to reduce moisture loss, control weeds and cool the soil
Water! Esp. newly planted  shrubs and young trees, +all containers
Be on the Lookout, Treat Problem areas
Change air and oil filters as needed on mowers
Prepare for fall gardening: potatoes, broccoli and other fall crops
Remove old raspberry canes after harvest
Prune diseased, dead or hazardous limbs
Fertilize roses and trim spent 
Take photographs!


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