• Start Christmas List

  • Maintain Compost pile or start one with fall debris.

  • Till soil where possible and incorporate organic matter to improve soil and vegetable garden too!

  • Stop fertilizing during winter months...start springtime again

  • Plant spring flowering bulbs

  • Do not prune in the fall

  • Pull frost-killed annuals from the garden

  • Cut rose canes back to reduce wind damage

  • Continue to water establishing plants and trees as they become dry

  • Keep leaves, grass clippings and pellets off hard surfaces for cleaner water.

  • Drain gasoline from equipment for winter storage

  • We carry paint for any idea; sheds...indoor/outdoor weather permitting!

  • Frequent mowing allows incorporation of up to 6 inches of leaves



  • Keep heavy snowfall from limbs and trees, gently shake.
  • Avoid shoveling snow onto trees and shrubs to prevent prolonged snow cover and to prevent breakage...
  • Living Christmas trees are special, however leave in home no longer than one week for optimum results
  • You may prune damaged branches all winter long: We have an assortment of pruners, clippers and equipment
  • Water as needed throughout winter season
  • Rake and pick up fallen leaves and debris to prevent suffocation 
  • Store fertilizers and pesticides out of reach
  • Winterize power equipment or schedule with our service depart.
  • Remove old stems and growth from perennials.
  • Wash plants occasionally to remove any dust/debris that develop
  • Watch for hot and cold drafts to avoid leaf damage
  • Till soil and incorporate organic matter in
  • Take a soil test and make adjustments
  • Continue to plant spring flowering bulbs, water and mulch
  • Protect strawberries from winter elements; use mulch
  • Pick up all fallen fruit, to reduce disease and insect problems
  • Gronis Gift certificates are  great holiday gifts for anyone!


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  • Drain and store garden hoses/sprinklers.
  • We have everything you'll need to: Clean, Sharpen and oil garden tools-
  • Keep plants away from hot & cold drafts
  • Start long night treatments for poinsettia reblooming
  • Check for insects and treat as needed
  • Soil test as desired
  • Harvest apples, pears and store for winter
  • Dig sweet potatoes and cure in a warm area for a couple weeks then store
  • Store or Discard unused seeds
  • Fall planted garlic gets a head start over Spring planters
  • Plant new trees and shrubs
  • Water during dry spells
  • Wrap the base of young trees
  • Remove dead limbs and Rake leaves
  • Divide overgrown perennials
  • Sharpen mower blades-every 10 hours of use
  • Easy to control in the fall as needed; dandelions, henbit and chickweed
  • Spades and tillers always available


  • Stop by it's perfect time to Seed Bluegrass and/or tall fescue
  • Verticut and overseed for best results
  • Fertilize!! (High Nitrogen for cool season grasses)
  • Core aerate during cooler season...
  • Assortment of rakes for fall leaves...and other utensils to make picking up a breeze!
  • Leaf blowers, bags and pop up holders...
  • Shears for all your needs
  • Harvest winter squash when the rind cannot be punctured with fingernail
  • Plant lettuce, spinach and radishes
  • Plant garlic cloves for next year's crop
  • Spades and tillers always available

RESEARCH shows  stocking up on the right energy, makes Spring green up!! The last applications of fertilizer for cool season bluegrass and tall fescue should be fed

High Nitrogen 30-0-3 or 30-0-0 or 27-3-3 read labels; watch for phosphorus and potassium counts.