• Remove winter debri, Mulch trees and shrubs
  • Spot Spray dandelions, henbit, and chickweed
  • Fertilize gardens as growth begins
  • Tune Up & Repair and Sharpen Garden tools/Blades
  • Our Tomato & Seed Potatoes usually come mid-month
  • Start Seeds of tomato, pepper and other warm season vegetables
  • Get Bean, Melon, Squash and Cucumber seeds going!
  • Plant Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauilflower and Cabbage in March...
  • Potatoe, peas, onions, lettuce rhubarb, strawberries, salad crops...may all be planted.
  • Prune fruit trees & Roses


First Things First, Get An Early Start
Try our Seed Starter Kits
Inventory your seeds: Throw out old, Buy new
Plan Your Garden Layout: What worked? What didn't?
Plan Your Lawn Care Regiment and get equipment ready
Do not injure lawn by walking/driving on them while frozen
Scatter snow rather than letting it pile up
 Cover tender roots, Replace mulch as needed
Only prune any storm-damaged limbs to prevent tearing
Water fall-planted trees & shrubs when soil is dry, not when frozen
Repair garden tools
Sand & Seal handles to prevent splinters
Spray Paint handles to make them easier to find!
Keep bird feeders and water supplies filled for birdies

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Put Preventer/Control crabgrass down before mid-April!
Mow as needed, no need to catch clippings if frequently done
Thin seedlings
Check Pine Trees for needle disease and control
Never top a tree as part of pruning!
Cultivate soil to control weed growth
Fertilize vegetable gardens before planting
Cut back perennial's growth from last year...
April you may plant carrots, onions and beets over salad crops...
Repot houseplants-Take cuttings of houseplants


Rake Fallen leaves to prevent suffocation

Our Delicious Onion Sets & Plants usually arrive

Review any lawn care contracts

Schedule Tune up/Repair with us

Keep foot traffic to minimum on grass while soil is frozen

Start seeds for transplanting

Watch for heavy frost and take care/cover perennials as needed

Check bulbs in storage

Replenish mulch as needed

Water fall planted perennials, trees and shrubs

On warm days, begin spring pruning-Wait on spring flowering until after blooming

Soil Test

Start broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage transplants

Prepare garden soil, on warm but Not wet days

Prune grapes, raspberries, and blackberries

Repot indoor root bound plants into 1 inch larger pots

Shape plants for spring growth for attractive look