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Gronis Hardware, Inc.

Leavenworth, Kansas 


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In every season, one can be assured for finding the spare part or whatchamacallit in one of the aisles or bins that are packed with interesting gadgets.  You may go in for one item, but take time to look around!  If you are interested in everything both indoor and outside; from gardening, canning, your family dogs & cats...it's here. Including agriculture, farming supplies to lawn/landscaping equipment. Here at Gronis Hardware, Inc. we know having the right tool makes the job easier. Stop by so we can help you locate that exact tool so -You can get the job done!

Since the 1940's, we've grown to include power equipment, repair shop/ machinery parts. Practically, everything your home or garden needs we have right here! We've got drawers full of various nuts and bolts, and "Guess What?" You can buy one at a time, if you'd like!  This family owned business has a long-established reputation!  Our friendly and efficient staff will help you locate the very thing you need!  We've heard it said, "if Gronis doesn't have it, you probably don't need it! Come and Visit Us Soon!