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  • Spot Treat Summer Broadleaf weeds
  • Always clean walks and driveways after applications to reduce runoff
  • Fertilize zoysia with high nitrogen to promote green up
  • Plant:  Beans, Melons, Squashes, Cucumbers
  • Seed: Sweet corn, cucumbers, squash and beans (other warm season)
  • Cultivate soil with hoe for controlling weed growth
  • Harvest fresh asparagus, salad crops and ENJOY
  • Remove rhubarb seed stalks
  • Plant kitchen herbs
  • Mound soil around potato plants to encourage tuber formation
  • Fertilize broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage for big yield
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  • Keep a Journal for permanent reference
  • Deadhead spent flower blossoms
  • Begin grub treatments with preventatives
  • Water as needed, about 1 inch per week if no rainfall
  • Plant annuals for color and summer veggies
  • Keep garden evenly watered, 1 inch per week
  • Pinch herbs to keep bushy
  • Renovate strawberry beds
  • Check for insects and bagworms
  • Check for spider mite s(using a white sheet of paper and shake branch over it)
  • Control squash bugs that multiply rapidly...
  • Maintain mulch layer of 2-3 inch to reduce moisture loss, control weeds and cool the soil


  • Water! Esp. newly planted  shrubs and young trees, +all containers
  • Be on the Lookout, Treat Problem areas
  • Change air and oil filters as needed on mowers
  • Prepare for fall gardening: potatoes, broccoli and other fall crops
  • Remove old raspberry canes after harvest
  • Prune diseased, dead or hazardous limbs
  • Fertilize roses and trim spent
  • Take photographs!


  • Deadhead perennials 
    • -prevents seeding and encourages crown growth
  • Shape Hedges
  • Ease fruit loads on branches prop up using supports
  • Plant beets, carrots, beans and turnips
  • Determine fertility program by taking a soil test
  • Harvest fruits and enjoy your labor
  • Document success and failure
  • Divide iris and daylilies during dormant period
  • Sow hollyhocks, poppies and larkspur for spring blooms
  • Remove bagworms by picking
  • Keep compost pile moist and turn occasionally
  • Shape hedges