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Spot Treat Summer Broadleaf weeds

Always clean walks and driveways after applications to reduce runoff

Fertilize zoysia with high nitrogen to promote green up

Plant:  Beans, Melons, Squashes, Cucumbers

Seed: Sweet corn, cucumbers, squash and beans (other warm season)

Cultivate soil with hoe for controlling weed growth

Harvest fresh asparagus, salad crops and ENJOY

Remove rhubarb seed stalks

Plant kitchen herbs

Mound soil around potato plants to encourage tuber formation

Fertilize broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage for big yield

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  • Keep a Journal for permanent reference
  • Deadhead spent flower blossoms
  • Begin grub treatments with preventatives
  • Water as needed, about 1 inch per week if no rainfall
  • Plant annuals for color and summer veggies
  • Keep garden evenly watered, 1 inch per week
  • Pinch herbs to keep bushy
  • Renovate strawberry beds
  • Check for insects and bagworms
  • Check for spider mite s(using a white sheet of paper and shake branch over it)
  • Control squash bugs that multiply rapidly...
  • Maintain mulch layer of 2-3 inch to reduce moisture loss, control weeds and cool the soil


  • Water! Esp. newly planted  shrubs and young trees, +all containers
  • Be on the Lookout, Treat Problem areas
  • Change air and oil filters as needed on mowers
  • Prepare for fall gardening: potatoes, broccoli and other fall crops
  • Remove old raspberry canes after harvest
  • Prune diseased, dead or hazardous limbs
  • Fertilize roses and trim spent
  • Take photographs!


  • Deadhead perennials 
    • -prevents seeding and encourages crown growth
  • Shape Hedges
  • Ease fruit loads on branches prop up using supports
  • Plant beets, carrots, beans and turnips
  • Determine fertility program by taking a soil test
  • Harvest fruits and enjoy your labor
  • Document success and failure
  • Divide iris and daylilies during dormant period
  • Sow hollyhocks, poppies and larkspur for spring blooms
  • Remove bagworms by picking
  • Keep compost pile moist and turn occasionally
  • Shape hedges